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Big cases for Professional Firms

Big cases for Professional Firms

A big case is more than simply a project that lasts longer, has more employees and devours a bigger budget. Managing large-scale projects involves mastering complexities on a scale comparable to medium-sized firms or even groups.

Large-scale professional projects are cancelled prematurely more often than other types of projects. Furthermore, they frequently last longer than expected and therefore exceed their budgets as well. This book analyzes the reasons behind this phenomenon and describes strategies with which professional projects indeed achieve success. The book is based on the authors’ long years of experience in managing and reorganizing professional firms.

There are certainly plenty of risks, but at the same time, plenty of opportunities to minimize them. With careful work and launch management that is focused on the real goal, namely start of the operations, firms can manage the risks. Salvador have drawn up five guidelines for successful launch management:

  • Use tried and tested technologies: If new technologies are needed in the project, they should be planned and used with caution. When in doubt, rely on established standards.
  • See launch management as a craft: Well-trained employees and integrated, comprehensive planning are needed from day one. Planning should include actual/target comparison, effective risk management, resource management distributed over several months, professional top-management reporting and constant interface management.
  • Promote open communication and clear decision paths: Reporting lines to the client and to top management must be defined and institutionalized. It must be made clear, who can make decisions and who should be involved in the decision-making process.
  • Don’t count on the best-case scenario: Handling client expectations openly and honestly is important, ideally beginning with the call for bids.
  • Put together smaller project packets: The less broad and complex a project is, the easier it will be to handle. Spread large tasks out among several separate subprojects.