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Media Resources

Chapter One: The Rise of International Law

Recent Developments in International Law (Blog)

Transitional Justice Forum (Blog)

Theories and Concepts (Video)

Key Developments in International Law (Audio)

Contemporary International Law (Audio)

Chapter Two: A World of Actors—A Question of Legal Standing

State Succession (Blog)

International Organizations (Blog)

UN Security Council (Blog)

United Nations (Blog)

Monitoring NGOS (Video)

Subjects of International Law (Video)

State Responsibility (Video)

International Organizations-IGOS (Video)

Non-Government Organizations-NGOS (Video)

WHO and Swine Flu (Video)

Working in International Corporations (Audio)

Kosovo’s Independence (Audio)

Chapter Three: The Sources of International Law—Creating Law without Government

Transnational Law (Blog)

Opino Juris  (Blog) 

Conflict in Private International Law (Blog)

Treaties and Conventions (Blog)

Sources of International Law (Video)

The Use of International and Foreign Law in Interpreting the U.S. Constitution (Audio)

Chapter Four: The Efficacy of International Law

Peace Palace Library (Blog)

Comparative Law and Judicial Decision-Making (Blog)

Evolution of International Law (Blog)

Jus Cogens (Blog)

Courts and Tribunals (Blog)

International Law and the Separation of Powers (Audio)

Chapter Five: Jurisdiction


Law of the Sea (Blog)

Outer Space (Blog)

Piracy (Blog)

Chapter Six: Diplomacy in the Pursuit of Peace

Embassy Law (Blog)

Diplomatic Immunity (Blog)

Current Issues in International Arbitration (Audio)