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Research Links

Business in Europe

  • ETUC: European Trade Union Confederation – is recognized by the EU, by the Council of Europe and by EFTA as the only representative cross-sectoral trade union organization at a European level.
  • EU Business – Independent online business information service about the EU. It is targeted primarily at EU consultants, lawyers, advisors and civil servants, as well as business professionals within and outside the EU, who need fast and easy access to information about EU legislation and policies affecting their particular industry sector.
  • EUROCHAMBRES – The Association of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry represents 40 national associations of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, a European network of 1,600 regional and local Chambers with over 15 million member enterprises in Europe.
  • EUROPAGES – The European business directory.
  • European Employment Services (EURES) – aims to facilitate the free movement of workers within the 17 countries of the European Economic Area. Partners in the network include Public Employment Services, Trade Unions and Employer Organisations. The partnership is coordinated by the European Commission.


  • CURIA (the Court of Justice of the European Communities) – Case-law, Press releases, Research and documentation, Introduction to the Institution, Library.
  • The EFTA Court – fulfils the judicial function within the EFTA system, interpreting the Agreement on the European Economic Area with regard to the EFTA states party to the Agreement (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway).
  • EU Law Web Log – A log on European Union law for practitioners, students, academics and everyone else who may be curious about it.
  • Press releases by the press and information division of the Court of Justice
  • Searchable database of case-law of the European Courts on EUR-Lex



General information on the European Union
EUROPA – The main portal for information from the various EU institutions and agencies, up-to-date coverage of European Union affairs and essential information on European integration.
General Report on the Activities of the European Union (European Commission) – A brief annual report on activities in the EU.
Bulletin of the European Union (European Commission) – A brief monthly report on activities in the EU.
Glossary (European Commission) – A listing of key EU concepts and terms.
Fact Sheets (European Parliament) – Basic introductory information on EU policies and institutions
EURODICAUTOM (European Commissions) – Multilingual dictionary, database produced by the translation service of the Commission. An invaluable tool for translators, interpreters, terminologists and other linguists worldwide.
EUROSTAT – Statistical Office of the European Communities.
  Glossary of the European Union and European Communities (University of Aberdeen, Department of Politics and International Relations)
  Inside Europe – Your guide to life in the EU.

Legislative and judicial information

new EUR-Lex – is the result of merging the EUR-Lex site with the CELEX  (formerly chargeable) database on European law. It combines and exploits the main advantages of the two systems in order to offer direct, easy access free of charge to the biggest documentary holdings existing on EU law.
ARCHISplus – Database of the historical archives of the European Commission: an online catalogue of files, speeches and studies, which is free to consult.
Information on Agreements and Conventions (Council) – concluded by the European Community with third countries, as well as with international organisations.
OEIL Legislative Observatory (European Parliament) – A site which allows users to trace the progress of EU legislative proposals and initiatives.
The Office for Official Publications of the European Communities – The publishing house of the institutions and other bodies of the EU, responsible for producing and distributing EU publications.
PreLex (European Commission) – This site traces the progress of EU legislative proposals and initiatives.
Register of the Council of the European Union – access to Council documents as from 1 January 1999.
SCADPLUS: Activities of the EU (European Commission) – Summaries of key EU legislation in many policy areas.
White Papers published by the European Commission (European Commission)
  EIROnline – is the database/website of the European Industrial Relations Observatory, a project run by the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions.
  Europmaat – provides easy but chargeable access to Official Publications of the EU, including proposed and agreed legislation, judgments of the European Court and recent texts from the Official Journal L and C (from 1998 onwards) in the original lay-out (including graphs, tables and supplements).
  The Historical Archives of the European Communities (European University Institute, Florence)
  Justis – is a research service providing access to authoritative legal material. Through Justis you can search comprehensive and regularly updated full-text archives of key case law series, UK statute law and EU case law and legislation. Unfortunately, chargeable.
  Statewatch – includes full-text documentation, analysis & legislative observatory.
News and developments
EUROPA: What’s New (European Commission) – Daily listing of new information added to the EUROPA site.
General Report on the Activities of the European Union (European Commission) – Listing of the activities of each of the EU institutions.
EUROPA: Press Room (European Commission) – Designed for use by those in the media, and is therefore useful for keeping up to date with EU events.
EUROPA: RAPID (European Commission) – Access to press releases issued by the Commission
  AgencEurope – News service
  BBC News: Europe – Recent European news stories on the BBC site.
  Central Europe Online – Political news from the countries of the region.
  ENDS Environmental Daily – Europe’s Environmental News service
  EU Law Web Log – A log on European Union law for practitioners, students, academics and everyone else who may be curious about it.
  Euobserver – News service
  EurActiv – News service – The portal for all the current job openings and internships in Brussels, the EU institutions, or international organisations.
  Euronews – News service
  Europa-Digital – News service (in German)
  European Voice – News service
  Fondation Robert Schuman – News service
  Statewatch – Coverage includes news, features and research sources on new measures introduced by national governments and the EU institutions in Brussels as well as reporting from the ground on the effect of policies and state practices in the community.
  The Prague Post Online – contains a selection of articles that have been printed in this weekly newspaper published in the Czech Republic. Very useful for news from Central and Eastern Europe.
European Union policies
star Directorates-General and Services (European Commission) – A prime source of information on policy areas.
star Economic and Monetary Affairs Policy – This page contains links to sites on various aspects of EU policy in this area.
star EUROPA: Policies (European Commission) – Information on individual policy areas
  The Center for Applied Policy Research (C·A·P) – is working on the development of strategic concepts, on policy advice concerning the future of Europe, on structural reform and the political development of the EU, and on Europe’s foreign, security, and defence policy.
  The European Network of Economic Policy Research Institutes (ENEPRI) – Conducts joint research and aims to increase public awareness of the European dimension of national economic policy issues.
  European Policies Institutes Network (EPIN) – A new network focusing on current EU and European political and policy debates.
  European Policy Centre (EPC) – An interface between Government, Business and Civil Society.
  Observatory of European Foreign Policy – Instruments to deepen your knowledge in European Foreign Policy.
  Trans European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA) – aims at stimulating discussion on policies and political options for Europe by promoting international research on European integration.
  Statewatch – Coverage includes reporting from the ground on the effect of policies and state practices in the community. Contains Statewatch European Monitoring and Documentation Centre website on justice and home affairs and civil liberties in the EU.
Intellectual Property
Institutional Websites
European Community
  • IPR Helpdesk (Commission and DG Enterprise) – is intended to provide any relevant information, which may be of assistance to anyone with Intellectual Property queries or concerns.   

  • Overview of IP Laws in the EU

International Organizations

IP Portals
  • FindLaw’s Intellectual Property Law portal   

  • Hierros Gamos’ Intellectual Property Law portal – focuses on the regulation of intangible rights regarding ideas, and tangible rights to use particular trademarks, patents and copyrights to produce goods and services.   

  • – Intellectual Property law Portal. (in Italian)   

  • IP Menu – A global guide to intellectual property resources on the Internet.   

  • IPR’s online – is a new internet portal on Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) and Sustainable Development. It contains a selection of relevant online documents and resources related to IPRs and sustainable development including a guide to IPRs, proposals submitted to the WTO, discussion papers classified by topics, a calendar of IPRs related events, latest news on IPRs, and links to listservs and relevant institutions working on IPRs.   

  • – provides an electronic legal research newsletter devoted to intellectual property law: copyright law, internet law, patent law, trade secrets and trademark law.   

  • Pierce Law’s IP Mall – is an internationally acclaimed IP resource Website providing information and links to the most valuable online resources in the world.   

  • UAIPIT – Portal of the University of Alicante on Intellectual Property & Information Society. (in English and Spanish)

Educational Institutions


Research Institutions

Information Gateway about the EU

  • A-Z Index of European Union Websites
  • The Delegation of the European Commission to the United States
  • ECLAS – Commission’s library catalogue; contains bibliographic references to EC publications and documents, externally published books and articles on European topics.
  • EU depository libraries in the US
  • Euroguide – Subject gateway to websites which contain information about the European Union.
  • Governments on the WWW – Links to most governmental institutions in Europe which provide information on-line. In particular, this list includes: institutions of the legislative branch (parliaments) institutions of the executive branch (ministries, offices, agencies, institutes, municipal administrations and others), institutions of the judicative branch (law courts), embassies and consulates, public broadcasting companies, some other government-related institutions and political parties.
  • JURIST – has some good substantial content, helpful links and up to date news and papers. The site continues to be a choice search base for a general overview of recent EU developments, working papers, book reviews and other documentation.
  • LAWTEL EU – Full-text service for EU cases, proposed and adopted legislation, merger decisions, and Commission reports.
  • Law Web Saarbruecken
  • Modulo Jean Monnet – Current events on the European Integration Process and the Law of the EU in Latin America and Europe (in Spanish).
  • Notre Europe – An active Research and Policy Group which provides up to date and pertinent materials covering most current issues of discussion in the EU with a focus on Europe’s future development. Highlights include its array of publications easily downloadable in English, French and very often one other language and its easily navigated research topics.
  • Porte d’Europe