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Independent publishers

Independent publishers and Reports & Books

Reports & Books is committed to providing a unique and diverse range of high-quality titles to its customers. We are extremely keen to support independent publishing, and recognise the rich contribution that independent publishers, who have a long and prestigious heritage , make to the world of books and literature. Finding and championing publishers that are small, new or hard to find on the high street is a big part of what we do.

We welcome submissions from publishers large or small, old and new, provided they are of the high quality expected and deserved by our customers.

If you are looking for information and advice on how to get your book published, it can be found here.

Selling your books on Reports & Books
The first step is to ensure that all relevant bibliographic data is supplied to the relevant book register (Nielsen in the UK), and is correct. Please note that all promotions are subject to seasonal relevance and editorial control.

The importance of an ISBN

•Waterstone’s stores can order/stock any title that is in print, available in the UK, has a full record on Nielsen Bookdata, and has an ISBN.

•We can only carry books that have  an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) . A Bookland European Article Number (EAN) barcode is a must. If your book does not already have an ISBN please obtain one from your domestic International Standard Book Numbering Agency. They will provide some information about EAN barcodes and details of where to obtain them when you register with them for ISBNs.

Selling to Reports & Books
Once you are sure that your book is available for Reports & Books to order, you can begin the process of selling it in to us.

Reports & Books does have a central buying system, and it is possible for us to buy a title centrally.

To submit a book to be considered for buying, please send a copy, with a covering letter, to us.

Please note that we do receive a large number of submissions, and it can take a while to give all of them their due attention. Rest assured we do reply to everyone that sends something in, but please be patient if you do not hear back from us in the first couple of weeks.

In addition to this, Reports & Books is also free to select and buy titles in small or large quantities. Independent publishers/self-published authors are welcome to write to our stores to see if they would be interested in their titles. When writing your letters, you might want to include:

•Bibliographic details (ie title, author, price, ISBN etc)
•What is the book about?
•Who will it appeal to?
•Why might it be suitable to this particular store?
•What marketing/PR work are you doing to promote your book?
•Have you published before? If so, do you have any impressive sales statistics to quote?
•Jacket Image
•Are you available for signing events etc?

Please keep you letters fairly brief (a single side of A4 is ideal). The longer it is, the less likely people are to read it. Please email us.

The Reports & Books team.