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Ordering Guidelines

If you are a bookseller and would like to place an order, check the status of an existing order, receive customer help or credit assistance, you can contact us:

E-commerce for Booksellers
Because affordable and simple-to-use technology is now making the use of paper documents obsolete and prohibitively expensive. With a computer you can carry out many business functions without the retyping of critical information and transmit in seconds. Bookselling faces enormous challenges and must repond to them by eliminating uncessary costs and increasing efficiency. You will come under growing pressure from your suppliers to trade electronically as time goes on and, though it may be onerous in the short term to understand new ways of conducting your business, the benefits will soon be apparent: less time taken up with paperwork, lower costs, fewer errors, quicker transactions and a better service for you and your customers.

Terms and Conditions of Sale
For all retailers, please consult our terms and conditions of sale.