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Author Guidelines

Guidelines for Submission of Material for Publication Consideration

Your book proposal should contain the following:

  • A cover letter that introduces the project briefly, including your reason for writing the book and for submitting it to Reports and Books.
  • A prospectus explaining in greater detail (2-3 double-spaced pages) your rationale for the work (see below)
  • Please submit a complete outline/Table of Contents of the book, listing first-level headings, with second-level entries, if possible. You may include paragraphs within the outline where appropriate to clarify or expand on a unique aspect of the work.
  • Please submit a sample chapter or two (if available) that best represent the basic idea, quality, and distinctiveness of your work. If the Introduction is written, submit it as well.
  • Please provide the names and affiliations (with departmental and/or e-mail addresses, if known) of two or three qualified readers that we may ask to critique your work.
  • Please include a copy of your curriculum vitae.

Rationale for the work:

  • Two or three paragraphs that describe the book, its approach (including point of view), the scope of the work, the type of book (textbook, scholarly book, handbook, reference book), and the level (particularly if it is a textbook). If yours is a scholarly work, please indicate the specific contribution that this work will make to its field.
  • Please discuss the market: if yours is a textbook, for what course(s) is the book intended? Is it to be the primary text, or a supplemental text? What prerequisites does that course usually require? Is the course taught at your school? How frequently? What is the usual enrollment?
  • Your prospectus should also discuss competing works. List two or three other books with which yours might compete, either directly, or in part. If yours is a textbook, please indicate both how your book will be the same as the competing works and how it will differ from other books.
  • What is the estimated length of your manuscript (number of double-spaced pages, or number of words)? How many and what kinds of illustrations or sidebars will it have? (graphs, maps, tables, etc.) What is the present state of your manuscript? How many chapters are written? When do you expect to complete your manuscript?

Note: Material submitted for consideration will not be returned except upon request.