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Publish your Monography or Chapter Book. Enhance your Career

As a leading publisher of electronic titles— including professional and educational content— Reports Books is the place to publish. We value our authors as the foundation of our business and strive to build long-term relationships with them. The professionals, and others who create and use our publications benefit from our focus on quality, from project inception through collaborative development, publication, and global distribution.

Reports Books draws its strength from the collaborative efforts of its authors and colleagues— a diverse, knowledgeable, creative, entrepreneurial group of people bound together by their talent and integrity. We’re committed to providing authors with the tools they need and an environment in which they can succeed.

Why Publish With Us?

Reports Books has been partnering with authors and researchers from around the world to publish quality academic reference materials. Reports Books take pride in understanding the needs of our authors and editors and we work hard to get your quality research to print quickly and painlessly. Take a look at what makes us different:

Personalized Service

We know how hard it can be to juggle research, writing, and teaching. That’s why we strive to make your collaboration with us as easy as possible. To facilitate a smooth transition from manuscript to publication, each editor is paired with a development contact here at Repors Books. With timely answers to any question, we can help ensure that deadlines are met hassle-free.

Global Focus

Reports Books is truly international. Authors from across the globe come together to make every title a success. Gain an international audience for your research by contributing to the next Persey publication.

Indie Books and Libraries

We try to connect Indie books, libraries and readers.

Libraries are driving a new era of ebook discovery for indie authors and small presses. Persey try to help develop robust local writing communities and keeps libraries at the center of the indie book movement.

Self-publishing is a valid and important option for many authors. Whether aiming to produce a bestseller, distribute information or preserve a personal history, each author is contributing to the community in a significant way and deserves access to patrons across the globe.

With you, every step of the way

Where are you in the process?

  • Prepare and write your proposal
  • Submit Your Proposal
  • Prepare Your Title (Tips for putting together a work that we can turn into a great book)
  • Submit Your Title
  • Production of the book
  • Promote your book: You are in a unique position to make your book a success, and we’re here to help you every step of the way. Find out how Persey will promote your book. Find out what you can do to promote your book.

Author: How To Guides

A series of guides and resources for authors.

Submitting a Project Proposal

For a project to be considered, we request that you please submit a proposal form outlining the details of your idea. We take great pride in our content and as such your proposal may undergo several assessments to determine suitability, marketability, and interest.

Important Items Needed for Your Project Proposal:

  • Tentative Title
  • Keywords
  • Synopsis
  • Tentative Table of Contents:Target Audience
  • Objectives, Impact, and Value
  • Target Audience
  • Tentative Project Timeline
  • Marketing Considerations
  • CV/Resume

Areas of Interest

Reports Books publishes cutting-edge reference books, reports, encyclopedias, handbooks, teaching cases, and videos. Each project is led by some of the most notable experts in the world, covering underrepresented themes and the hottest topics in a variety of legal and political science areas. We are currently seeking proposals for new projects. Please visit the subject lists in this website for a complete list of desired topic areas.