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Welcome to Our Partner Platform

The Solution for all Publishers: Connect and engage your users with Reports Books’s offerings for publishers.

Partnerships: Content and Media

Reports Books provides content publishers a monetization platform to seamlessly integrate Reports Books’s native advertising into their content stream without changing their page layout.

It is an unified marketplace for mobile search and native advertising. With Reports Books, advertisers get the performance and ease of search, combined with the scale and creativity of native advertising. We are exploring the opportunity for publishers and partners to monetize through engagement by integrating native advertising in their content stream.

Mobile is the fastest-growing market segment, and we have innovated how our users communicate, consume content and search for information across multiple devices. Reports Books are equally committed to building products that simplify the buying process and improve the experience for advertisers and publishers.

To make it really easy for advertisers, the platform is available through our unified ad buying platform, Reports Books Ad Manager.

For Publishers who have a content stream, connect with a representative or contact us directly to learn more.

Best Practices for Mobile Search: Mobile Optimized Site

It’s important to think about how your ads look on the PC, tablet and smartphone. Make sure your site is designed for mobile traffic. When publishers create a mobile optimized page, we see meaningful RPM improvements.

Partnerships: Stay Connected

The Reports Books Global Partnerships Team is a group of 140 business development and partner management experts hailing from several locations.

Our knowledgeable and experienced team of Partner Managers, Operations, Marketplace Integrity, and Business Development deliver a consultative approach to drive deep engagement around partner goals.

Partnerships: Ad Technology and Platforms

As an innovative publisher, Reports Books has the capacity to:

  • Ingest, organize and combine marketer’s CRM data with Reports Books’s user data and 3rd party data sources to provide a multidimensional view of consumers across the web
  • Analyze behavioral patterns of site visitors, clickers, and converters, to predict users that are most likely to convert in the future
  • Create optimal audience combinations for the highest campaign lift
  • Measure the offline impact of campaigns by tracking in-store sales

Reports Books works with several ad technology and data providers to ensure that our advertisers’ campaigns are reaching the right audience with impactful creative in brand safe environments.

Data and Targeting

To provide advertisers with the most relevant targeting, we supplement our rich Yahoo proprietary data on 800M+ consumers with 3rd party data from strategic partners including:

  • Nielsen Catalina Solutions
  • Experian
  • Acxiom
  • DataLogix
  • BlueKai
  • AddThis
  • IXI
  • IMS Health
  • eXelate

Learn more about our targeting capabilities with Repors Books Audience.

Ad Verification and Creative Services

For ad verification and creative services, we partner with leading ad tech companies such as:

  • comScore
  • DoubleVerify
  • Integral Ad Science
  • Trust Metrics
  • PointRoll
  • Markit on Demand
  • Sizmek

Trust and Safety

Reports Books is highly focused on ensuring that both Demand and Supply on Yahoo Ad platforms remain free of malware, viruses, or content that violates our policies.

Media Trust Company is one of the trust and safety partners that scans ad creatives for compliance with a site policies.

Advertise with Reports Books

Advertise on Reports Books with one simple tool! Check out Reports Books Ad Manager, our unified ad-buying platform, and create an ad to put in front of the customers you want in just minutes.

Contact us

Do you have questions or are you interested in partnering with us?. Send us an email.

Reports Books Partner Insights

A new and powerful way of managing all your business analytics needs.


  • Customised Dashboards
  • Rich Data Visualization
  • Flexible Reporting Capabilities
  • Notifications and Alerts
  • Partner Administration
  • Web Service (API) Access
  • Security and Access

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