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Countries / Transposition
In transposing the European Company (SE) Directive, EU member states were granted quite a number of choices. The country sections look at the ways in which the SE Directive has been transposed in the different member states and provide information on key aspects, such as

Form of transposition
Special negotiating body (SNB)
Standard rules under the fallback procedure
Misuse of procedures and structural change
Position of trade unions and employers

Transposed on time (8 October 2004)

Denmark (April 2004)
Sweden (May 2004)
Hungary (May 2004)
Iceland (May 2004)
Austria (June 2004)
Finland (August 2004)
Slovak Republic (September 2004)
United Kingdom (September 2004)
Belgium (October 2004)

Transposed since October 2004

Malta (October 2004)
Czech Republic (November 2004)
Germany (December 2004)
Cyprus (December 2004)
Estonia (January 2005)
Netherlands (March 2005)
Norway (March 2005)
Poland (March 2005)
Latvia (March 2005)
Lithuania (May 2005)
France (July 2005)
Italy (August 2005)
Portugal (October 2005)
Liechtenstein (November 2005)
Slovenia (March 2006)
Greece (May 2006)
Luxembourg (August 2006)
Spain (October 2006)
Ireland (January 2007)
Romania (March 2007)
Bulgaria (July 2007)

Tranlated transposition laws 

The full text of the transposition laws and (for most countries) unofficial translations into English can be downloaded from the EU Commission website


Lionel Fulton (2006) Anchoring the European Company in national law

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