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Reference Works

Reports Books Reference was created to meet the needs of students and researchers in the high school, public, and college library. It provides easy access to a broad array of richly content curriculum related information in the social sciences, all in clear, easy-to-understand language. Criminal justice and public administration, history and politics, civil and human rights are among the fields covered by these acclaimed reference works, which can now be found in most public, college, and high school libraries throughout Europe, the United States and Canada.

Reports Books Reference works are the culmination of exhaustive research by leading experts in their fields. They feature numerous resources, time lines, charts, lists, tables, bibliographies, glossaries and indexes that lend impact and immediacy to the information they provide. As we continue to expand the program, each new title will provide insightful coverage of topics essential for understanding the world in which we live. Reports Books Reference is committed to creating significant, easy-to-use and interesting reference materials for the library market.