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Each of Persey’s book series hold as many as 15 titles, with a minimum of 3 titles added to each annually. New book releases within each series are announced 3-6 months in advance.


All Persey´s book series contain peer-reviewed reference books by world-renowned experts in the fields of law, political science, legal research, taxation, government, social science, and public administration.

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The Persey book series have ISSNs, allowing standing orders to be placed. Select a book series below and utilize the form on each page for pricing inquiries.


Series in Dictionaries & Reference

From legal history to taxation, this Persey Reference series is unrivalled in its scope and diversity. Dozens of different subject reference dictionaries offer a wealth of essential information for teachers, students, and interested amateurs.

Each book contains several hundred or thousand A to Z entries, offering authoritative explanations of all the terms you’re likely to encounter on the subject, and with in-depth entries for broader concepts. Extras include chronologies, resources, and appendices of useful additional information. Many titles also now offer reliable and trustworthy web links which are updated via their free companion webpage.

Current Legal Issues

Titles include:

Law and Anthropology
Law and Bioethics
Law and Childhood Studies
Law and Geography
Law and Global Health
Law and History
Law and Language
Law and Literature
Law and Medicine
Law and Philosophy
Law and Popular Culture
Law and Psychology
Law and Religion
Law and Science
Law and Sociology

Political Studies Dictionaries

This series provides the very best in A-Z reference in political studies. These references provide accessible guides that are invaluable for political background research, or to understand the current issues.

Titles include:

Dictionary of Foreign Policy
Dictionary of American Politics
Dictionary of Comparative Politics
Dictionary of International Relations

Persey Encyclopedic Dictionaries

Persey Encyclopedic Dictionaries combine the functionality of a subject dictionary with the breadth and scope of an encyclopedia. Their lively, accessible, and informative style makes them readable and entertaining, providing unique coverage of a wide variety of over several subjects.

Titles include:

The Persey Encyclopedic Dictionary of Law
The Persey Encyclopedic Dictionary of Legal History
The Persey Encyclopedic Dictionary of United States Legal History
The Persey Encyclopedic Dictionary of British Legal History

Persey Dictionaries

Persey dictionaries provides the very best in A-Z reference. Useful additions to the reader bookshelf, these references provide accessible guides that are invaluable to any interested reader, includig background research.The dictionaries are also indispensable for college students and professionals, with every major subject area covered, including Criminology, International Law, Public Administration, Business Law and others.

Titles include:

Student Dictionaries of Law

Persey’s Student Dictionaries of Law are state-of-the-art references. Each book is a concise but comprehensive A-to-Z guide to a major topics in international and national law, with entries on key issues and prominent individuals. The authors–distinguished scholars well-known in their areas of expertise–ensure that the entries are accurate, up-to-date, and accessible. Special features include an introductory section on how to use the book, further reading lists, cross-references, chronology, and full index.

Titles include:

Dictionary of Immigration
Dictionary of Women’s Right History

Very Short Introductions

Titles include:


  • Comparative Constitutional Law Very Short Introduction
  • Banking Law Very Short Introduction
  • Canon Law Very Short Introduction
  • Comparative Law Very Short Introduction
  • Criminal Law Very Short Introduction
  • Public Policy Very Short Introduction
  • Crimes Very Short Introduction
  • Legal Research Very Short Introduction
  • Financial Regulation Very Short Introduction
  • European Union Law Very Short Introduction
  • Antitrust Law Very Short Introduction
  • Climate Change Law Very Short Introduction
  • Environment Law Very Short Introduction
  • International Human Rights Very Short Introduction
  • Investment Law Very Short Introduction
  • Armed Conflict Law Very Short Introduction
  • International Organizations Very Short Introduction
  • International Relations Very Short Introduction
  • International Trade Law Very Short Introduction
  • Philosophy Law Very Short Introduction
  • Organized Crime Very Short Introduction
  • Political Institutions Very Short Introduction
  • Regulation Very Short Introduction
  • Roman Law Very Short Introduction
  • Criminal Justice Very Short Introduction
  • Criminal Legal History Very Short Introduction
  • History International Law Very Short Introduction
  • The Indian Constitution Very Short Introduction
  • The Health Law Very Short Introduction
  • The White-Collar Crime Very Short Introduction
  • The United Nations Very Short Introduction
  • The World Trade Organization Very Short Introduction
  • Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights Very Short Introduction
  • Transnational Organized Crime Very Short Introduction

Essentials Series

  • Comparative Constitutional Law Essentials
  • Banking Law Essentials
  • Canon Law Essentials
  • Comparative Law Essentials
  • Criminal Law Essentials
  • Public Policy Essentials
  • Crimes Essentials
  • Legal Research Essentials
  • Financial Regulation Essentials
  • European Union Law Essentials
  • Antitrust Law Essentials
  • Climate Change Law Essentials
  • Environment Law Essentials
  • International Human Rights Essentials
  • Investment Law Essentials
  • Armed Conflict Law Essentials
  • International Organizations Essentials
  • International Relations Essentials
  • International Trade Law Essentials
  • Philosophy Law Essentials
  • Organized Crime Essentials
  • Political Institutions Essentials
  • Regulation Essentials
  • Roman Law Essentials
  • Criminal Justice Essentials
  • Criminal Legal History Essentials
  • History International Law Essentials
  • The Indian Constitution Essentials
  • The Health Law Essentials
  • The White-Collar Crime Essentials
  • The United Nations Essentials
  • The World Trade Organization Essentials
  • Commercial Law Essentials
  • Intellectual Property Essentials
  • Contract Law Essentials
  • Legal Method Essentials
  • Planning Law Essentials
  • International Private Law Essentials
  • Property Law Essentials
  • Evidence Law Essentials
  • Family Law Essentials
  • Legal Systems Essentials
  • Succession Law Essentials
  • Trust Law Essentials

Annotated International Treaties and Agreements Series

  • Annotated Arms Control Treaties: The Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production, and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and on their Destruction
  • Commentaries on Selected Model Investment Treaties
    Commentary on the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations
    The 1949 Geneva Conventions
    The 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees and its 1967 Protocol
    The 1972 World Heritage Convention
    The Arms Trade Treaty
    The Charter of the United Nations
    The Chemical Weapons Convention
    The Convention on Cluster Munitions
    The Conventions on the Privileges and Immunities of the United Nations and its Specialized Agencies
    The European Convention on Human Rights
    The International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination
    The International Criminal Court
    The Law of International Responsibility
    The Rights of Minorities in Europe: A Commentary on the European Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities
    The Rio Declaration on Environment and Development
    The Statute of the International Court of Justice

    The UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women
    The UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women
    The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
    The UN Genocide Convention
    The UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules
    The United Nations Convention against Torture
    The United Nations Convention on Jurisdictional Immunities of States and Their Property
    The Vienna Conventions on the Law of Treaties