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Business in ………….

Business in…… summarizes the main business and tax laws of …….. and provides general background information concerning operations in the country. Written by Salvador Trinxet, Professor and Partner at Braxton, this Book includes a detailed analysis of ………. company law, corporate and individual income taxation, Belgium’s income tax treaties, and indirect taxation, especially value-added tax (VAT).

This Book examines in detail the rules governing the taxation of corporations, partnerships, individuals, and other entities, both resident and nonresident. It provides an in-depth review of the Belgian system of income and corporate income tax and highlights the country’s other principal taxes, including value added tax, inheritance and gift tax, net worth tax, registration duties and eco taxes.

Business in ………. also reviews the non-tax regulations and processes governing business operations in Belgium, identifying the incentives for and restrictions on foreign investment and detailing regulations regarding trade and commerce, immigration, and labor.

The Book’s Worksheets include an English translation of standard corporate articles and the full text of the Belgium-United States tax treaty.

Business in ………….. allows you to benefit from:

•A perspective that addresses the concerns of foreign investors/enterprises and their advisors looking to invest/do business or already invested/doing business in the country
•Identification of those features of the country’s system that are likely to prove most problematic to outside investors
•Emphasis on those aspects of the tax system that impact transactions and structures with a cross-border dimension
•Information and insight to enable users to anticipate the pitfalls and opportunities likely to arise in making an initial investment, carrying on operations and devising potential exit strategies
•Invaluable practice documents including tables, charts and lists
•Time-saving citations to relevant sections of tax laws, regulations, court cases, and more.

This Book is part of the International Business & Tax Library, a comprehensive series containing more than 18 books, which covers critical transactions and issues in international taxation. This highly-regarded resource library offers commentary on a wide range of business and tax topics including: Foreign Tax Credit, Business in Italy, Business in Peru, Transfer Pricing, and more.