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About Reports & Books

Who We Are

Established in 2004, we publish research, analysis and reporting on international business law and the business of international law. Persey conducts high-quality fundamental research in the field of business and law and critically analyses national and international developments in legislation and case law. Reports & Books’s broad range of offerings spans not only law research but also the critical business topics and leadership challenges of today and tomorrow. It also encourages a practical approach to academic research.

Why Persey for Libraries?

Your library, everywhere— Make your services flexible with responsive, browser-based staff applications for mobility and utility.

Accessible and Convenient— Make your library the go-to resource, with simplified eContent downloads, flexible mobile apps, even links for buying books.

Unlimited Possibilities

Persey publishes more than 120 titles each year with the goal of improving research and understanding by making reference content more engaging and accessible. The company strives to provide content with direct relevance to researchers.

Persey titles go beyond surface-level knowledge or what you might find in an encyclopedia. We publish new reference material that provides deeper understanding and analysis and promotes the development of critical thinking skills.

Publishing Board and Balanced Scholarship — Persey takes the responsibility of producing quality reference books very seriously. Our team of expert authors and editors ensures that our coverage is both authoritative and comprehensive.

Engaging and Inspiring Users — With so much information now available instantaneously via the Internet and portable devices, it’s not a challenge to search for reference material. However, Persey editors know that compelling details from reliable sources can pull readers further into topics while inciting interest and encouraging critical thinking. We work to create content that engages and inspires.

What We Sell

Reports & Sales work with publishes of non-fiction books on law, business, management, leadership, HR, training, communications, career growth, personal development, marketing, sales, customer service, project management and finance.

Libraris: The Best Legal, Tax & Politics eBook Collection You Can Build

Reports Books, the award-winning Legal, Tax & Politic eBook and reports platform, offers a comprehensive eBook collection that delivers many references in over 120 subject areas and more than 60 collections. It features many pages of rich content and authoritative resources, allowing librarians to build eBook collections that best fit their patron’s needs and their institution’s budget. And using our mobile app, Reports Books provides anywhere, anytime access to an increasingly mobile academic community. Annual subscriptions and perpetual access options are available as well a feature which allows customers to build their own collection.

About the Report´s Authors

Reports & Books authors are experts in their fields, unrivaled in their knowledge, experience, and reputation. They are world-class educators, successful executives, business owners, trainers, consultants, and journalists—all eager to share their insights and techniques with a broad audience.

The International Business and Law Research Centre

The  International Business and Law Research Centre is accredited by the Academy of Arts and Sciences as a research producer and works alongside with Reports & Books and publishers to encourage a practical approach to academic research, striving to publish the results of its research in such a way that society can benefit.

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