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About Reports & Books

Who We Are

Established in 2004, we publish research, analysis and reporting on international business law and the business of international law. Reports & Books conducts high-quality fundamental research in the field of business and law and critically analyses national and international developments in legislation and case law. Reports & Books’s broad range of offerings spans not only law research but also the critical business topics and leadership challenges of today and tomorrow. It also encourages a practical approach to academic research.

What We Sell

Reports & Sales work with publishes of non-fiction books on law, business, management, leadership, HR, training, communications, career growth, personal development, marketing, sales, customer service, project management and finance.

About the Report´s Authors

Reports & Books authors are experts in their fields, unrivaled in their knowledge, experience, and reputation. They are world-class educators, successful executives, business owners, trainers, consultants, and journalists—all eager to share their insights and techniques with a broad audience.

The International Business and Law Research Centre

The  International Business and Law Research Centre is accredited by the Academy of Arts and Sciences as a research producer and works alongside with Reports & Books and publishers to encourage a practical approach to academic research, striving to publish the results of its research in such a way that society can benefit.